Transgender Equity Consulting guides organizations seeking to develop LGBTQ affirming services, establish genuine equity in the workplace, and shepherd in new generations of change makers. 


Our work is committed to building the leadership of trans women of color, and to the centering of sex workers, immigrants and incarcerated peoples as experts in creating a more just world.  

Our goal is for each person to come away with the information and inspiration to commit deeper to the goals of equity and justice.  

Transgender Equity Consulting offers the following services:

Workshops and Trainings: Cecilia has trained over 3000 participants in governmental, non profit, and academic settings on subjects including LGBTQ competency, policy, transgender care, and sex worker issues.  

Organizational Development and Campaign Strategy: We work as facilitators to support organizations to deepen their internal commitment to equity and to introduce and lobby for laws to support the communities they serve.  


Speaking and Storytelling: Cecilia is an award winning playwright and actress.  Her humor and passion in sharing stories of living as an undocumented trans woman, a sex worker and drug user invite audiences into a humanistic understanding of often stigmatized experiences.  

Conference and Convening Planning: We work with groups to organize agenda and logistics for small to medium conferences, including building advisory boards, publicity, fundraising, managing and scheduling, and organizing lodging, transportation and food. 


Lobbying: Cecilia and Cyd are both registered lobbyists.  Cecilia's work as the Director of Policy for GMHC provided her with the experience and contacts to advocate successfully at city and state levels, she has an excellent record of securing funding for new and existing organizations and projects, and lobbied extensively and successfully for GENDA and DecrimNY

Conflict Mediation: In most organizations conflict is inevitable, and it presents a moment of choice.  Either move with the flow and allow there to be a transparent and collaborative process or shut it down and hope that the organization doesn't devolve.  We are available to be a third party to support open communication, facilitate growth and provide recommendations.  We see this work as crucial to building sustainable movements.  

For information about Cecilia's past and current experience in providing these services please check out our engagements page


"I deeply appreciated the road that Trans Equity Consulting took the group on.  You held space for us to be open and real."

"The training was FANTASTIC! I learned a lot and I'm looking forward to more concrete ways that we as an organization will implement the new knowledge."

"We loved your facilitation style!  It felt so natural and easy to engage!"

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